Rules and Policies


Adults (Twelve and Over)--------------------------------------------------------------------- $7.00

Children (Ages 6 to 11)------------------------------------------------------------------------ $3.00

5 and Under-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Free

Monday – Senior Citizens 55 or older with ID---------------------------------------------- $3.00

Weekly Ticket Adult – 6 day pass----------------------------------------------------------- $20.00

Weekly Ticket Child – 6 day pass----------------------------------------------------------- $10.00



1. All workers, assistants and committee member’s tickets can be purchased on Fair Monday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm only at the Fair Office.

2. Weekly tickets can be purchased at the Main Gate all week.

3. Each commercial exhibitor will receive 2 free gate tickets for exhibitor space purchased.  Additional tickets can be purchased for $20.00 each.

4. Each Livestock Exhibitor will receive 2 free weekly passes. Limit 2 per exhibitor.

5. Poultry/Rabbit Exhibitor having 1-5 entries will receive 1 free weekly pass.  Entries over 6 will receive 2 free weekly passes. Limit 2 per exhibitor.

Fair Work Details and General Rules Print E-mail


June 19, 2018 – 9:00 am to 11:00 am – 4-H Sponsored

July 5, 2018 - 8:00 am to 10:00 am – FFA Sponsored

July 28, 2018 – 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm – Fair Sponsored

General Rules and Regulations

1.     Youth exhibitors may include residents from Frederick County, the city of Winchester and Clarke County 4-H and FFA Clubs. Youth exhibitors who qualify for money must be at least 5 years and no older than 19 years old.

2.     Adult exhibitors must be residents from Frederick County or the City of Winchester.  Adult exhibitors are 20 years and older.   The poultry and rabbit open shows may include Clarke County residents.

3. Exhibitors may register online at by 8:00 pm, July 28, 2018 or complete and mail the registration form in the center of the Fair Catalog, postmarked by July 24, 2018, to Fair Registration, 3191 Woodside Road, Clearbrook, VA 22624.  See page 11 for more about how to register.

4. Exhibitors will need to check in at the Registration Desk in the Fair office from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Fair Sunday or from 9:00 am to 11:30 am on Fair Monday. Failure to properly register will result in forfeiture of prize money. The FFA Exhibit building will remain open until 12:00 noon on Fair Monday.

5.     All 4-H and FFA livestock exhibitors and their parents/guardians must complete and sign the Livestock Pre-entry form and Code of Ethics form found in the center of the Fair Catalog.  Mail to:  Frederick County Extension Office, 107 North Kent Street, Winchester, VA 22601 by the first of July 1, of the current year.

6.     Delivery of exhibits to and from the fair will be the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.

7.     Exhibitors will be limited to one entry in each class, with the exception of livestock. No more than two entries per species will be allowed by each exhibitor. More than the permitted number of entries will result in the disqualification of all entries in that class entered by the exhibitor.

8.     All entries must be the property of or work of the exhibitor during the past year.

9.     Sweepstakes awards are given for the most points won for all exhibits entered.  Awards will be presented Friday 6 pm in the Show barn.  Youth and adult awards are given.

10.  All exhibitors and visitors assume full responsibility for damage or loss to person or property from all and every cause whatsoever. The Frederick County Fair Association incurs no liability or  obligation to exhibitors or visitors at any time.

11.  All exhibitors must be properly registered in the section in which they are to exhibit. Exhibits not properly registered will not be judged for credit in points or money.

12.  No exhibit that has been to other fairs can be exhibited. Livestock are the only exception to this rule.

13.  All exhibits must remain in place until 2:00 pm Fair Sunday with the exception of livestock. All exhibits are to be removed between the hours of 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm on Fair Sunday.  If any exhibit is removed early without prior approval from the section chairperson, the exhibitor will forfeit all ribbons and prize money.

14.  Exhibits not claimed by 4:00 pm on Sunday will become the property of the Fair Association and all ribbons will be forfeited without exception.    Rabbits and poultry not sold at the sale MUST remain until 10:00 pm Saturday.

15.  Only the recording clerks may accompany the officials while exhibits are being judged.

16.  All decisions of the judges will be final. In the absence of competition within a class, only those awards will be given that are deemed worthy by officials.

17.  Judging  times are as follows:

Agriculture Exhibits

Fair Monday

1:00 to 6:00 pm

Home Economics Exhibits

Fair Monday

1:00 to 6:00 pm


Fair Monday

1:00 to 6:00 pm

Heifers and Market Beef

Fair Tuesday

4:30 pm

Market Lambs

Fair Wednesday

4:30 pm

Market Goats

Fair Wednesday

To follow sheep show

Market Hogs

Fair Thursday

4:30 pm


Fair Wednesday

1:00 pm

18.   An appeal from the decision of the judge or a grievance may be made to the executive committee (fair officers and section chairperson) and their decision shall be final and binding. No appeal or grievance will be considered unless such appeal is made to the secretary in writing and signed, accompanied by a fee of $50.00. The appeal must be received within 12 hours after the cause of the grievance. The Fair Association will retain the $50.00 fee.

19.   Sportsmanlike conduct is expected of all exhibitors and parents/guardians of exhibitors. Any attempt to influence or intimidate a judge or any attempt to deceive and obtain a premium by misrepresentation shall result in the exhibitor being excluded from competition at the Frederick County Fair. The exhibitor will be asked by the Fair executive committee to leave the fairgrounds, forfeit prize money and ribbons and remove all exhibits.

20.   No sale flyers advertising exhibits will be permitted to be posted on the Fairgrounds. Alcohol is not permitted on the fairgrounds. Smoking is not permitted in or near any buildings or barns on the fairgrounds.

21.   No dogs are allowed on the fairgrounds unless they are trained to assist handicapped persons. This includes all types of pets (snakes, reptiles, etc.).

22.   No non-commercial exhibitors will be allowed to remain on the fairgrounds between midnight and 6:00 am.

23.   It is especially understood that if weather conditions are such that the Fair Association finds they cannot pay their premiums in full, the exhibitors agree to accept such a portion of premiums as the Board of Directors of the Fair Association find they are able to pay and such payment shall be considered full settlement of whatever premiums are due.  Payments will be mailed out at a later date.

24.   The appropriate section chairperson will settle all matters not covered by these rules and regulations.

25.   The Frederick County Sheriff’s Department has all priority on all inappropriate conduct or behavior!!

26.   The Frederick County Fair Association is not responsible for misprints, scheduling errors or scheduling changes.  All events are subject to change of dates, times, and locations!!

Health Requirements for Livestock Shows Print E-mail


Fair Veterinarian – Trevor Collins

FFA Advisors and 4-H leaders will work with the Fair Association to have a health clinic at the Frederick County Fairgrounds for breeding and market animal exhibitors for the necessary health inspection.  The clinic will be held Saturday, June 23, 2018 from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. A nominal fee will be charged to all participants on a per animal basis.  Livestock exhibitors who do not participate in the Fair’s health clinic will be required to obtain a health certificate from a veterinarian within 30 days of the opening of the Fair.  Health certificates must be presented to the chairperson(s) before animals may be unloaded.  No vaccinations should be administered after June 23, 2018.




1st $4.00               Blue Ribbon

2nd $3.00               Red Ribbon

3rd $2.00               White Ribbon

4th $1.00               Yellow Ribbon

Rosettes will be awarded to “Best in Show” in all Home Economics Sections.




1st $10.00             Blue Ribbon

2nd $8.00               Red Ribbon

3rd $6.00               White Ribbon

4th $4.00               Yellow Ribbon



1st $4.00               Blue Ribbon

2nd $3.00               Red Ribbon

3rd $2.00               White Ribbon

4th $1.00               Yellow Ribbon



1st $15.00             Blue Ribbon

2nd $12.00             Red Ribbon

3rd $10.00             White Ribbon

4th $  8.00             Yellow Ribbon

5th $  6.00             Pink Ribbon

6th $  4.00             Orange Ribbon

Rosettes will be awarded to individual breed winners.

Banners will be awarded to all Reserve and Grand Champions.



1st $4.00               Blue Ribbon

2nd $3.00               Red Ribbon

3rd $2.00               White Ribbon

4th $1.00               Yellow Ribbon

Rosettes will be awarded for “Best in Show”.



1st $4.00               Blue Ribbon

2nd $3.00               Red Ribbon

3rd $2.00               White Ribbon

4th $1.00               Yellow Ribbon


Participants who do not win any 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th place ribbons will receive a participation ribbon.