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Printable 2022 Youth and Open Rabbit Show Information

Tips for registering: You must check out of Livestock registration before registering for any other event (Agriculture, Home Ec.)

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 Chairpersons - Brooke Sigler and Sandy Sumption

 Youth Chairpersons - Parker Fletcher and Tanner Fletcher

 Speciic Information for Rabbit Exhibitors

 1. The show is open to anyone who is a resident of Frederick County or the city of Winchester.

 2. Any child ages 5 - 19 that is actively in 4-H and FFA shall show in youth and comply with all requirements of their club. Anyone who is not in 4-H/FFA may enter in the Open category, regardless of age.

 3. All rabbits must be brought to the fairgrounds on Monday, July 25th, 2022 between 8am to 12pm.

 4. Rabbits will be entered in appropriate categories/breed. Upon check in, if a rabbit is found to be in an incorrect category/division, the chairpersons will move said  rabbit(s) to the appropriate division. If you have any doubt, please contact Brooke Sigler for further instruction and aid in placing animals in the correct division/breed category.

 5. Rabbits will be judged fair Monday July 25th at 1:00pm. Exhibitors may not enter  more than two entries per breed. Exhibitors are prohibited in the building during judging.

 6. All decisions of the rabbit judge are final.

 7. Rabbit Showmanship will be on Monday, July 25th - following judging.

 8. You must provide food and water for your rabbits as well as water bottles and food dishes. Bedding will be provided. If you can not provide these items, please contact the rabbit chairpersons ahead of time.

 9. You must clean your rabbit cage as well as feed/water daily. Failure to do so will forfeit your prize money.

 10. Rabbits will be judged according to American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBAstandards.

 11. You must have submitted the number of rabbits as well as breed to the 4-H ofice by July 1st, 2022.

 12. Youth 4-H/FFA members must attend one fair work detail. Please refer to the website for details.

 13. Chairpersons have the right to make any decisions/changes necessary.

 14. All rabbits remain in place until 10p.m. on Saturday, July 30, 2022 unless sold at auction.

 15. All rabbits entered in the Market division are up for sale at auction. If they are not sold, rabbits must remain in the barn until Saturday, July 30, 2022 and then return home with you.

 16. Should you decide to sell a rabbit privately at the fair, you may not advertise until Saturday, July 30th and rabbits may not be picked up until 10p.m. that Saturday.

 17. Animals entered in Breeding/Pet Category are not up for sale under any circumstances, even if they win Grand Champion of the Barn unless you privately sell them on Saturday, July 30th..

 18. If you have any rabbits in the Market division, you must have obtained the market rabbit by May 14, 2022 and have proof of purchase/donation/ownership.

 19. All youth members (4-H/FFA) must have completed a workbook/AET that has been checked by the appropriate clubs.

 20.No rabbits under 8 weeks may be shown at the fair.

 21.No sick animals shall be allowed on fair premises. If there is any question as to the health of an animal while at the fair, they will be asked to be removed from the premises immediately.

 22. All animals entered in the Breeding/Market shall be permanently marked with a tattoo in their left ear. Please contact the rabbit chairperson if there is an issue getting your rabbit tattooed.

 23. All 4-H and FFA members wishing to enter in the Market Breed category and sell their rabbits must complete the YQCA quality assurance program with proper documentation/certiicate provided to the fair.

 Rabbit Divisions

 4-H/FFA Categories: Breeding, Pet, and Market

 Open Categories: Breeding and Pet

 ● Breeding (4-H/FFA and Open): Any rabbit that is purchased and meets American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) standards. Rabbits in this category will be judged according to ARBA Standard of Perfection

 ● Pet Class (4-H/FFA and Open): Any rabbit that is mixed breed or has faults that would disqualify it from showing in breeding (i.e., mismarked, under/overweight regulations, etc.)

 ● Market (4-H/FFA ONLY): Any rabbit listed under the Market Breed section. These rabbits will be judged according to ARBA Standards of Perfection. All Market Rabbits will be for sale at auction.

 Breeding Rabbit Category

 A purebred rabbit free from American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) faults and DQs. 

 All colors and ages of each breed of rabbit will be shown together.

 List of approved breeds:

 American Fuzzy Lop                                 French Lop

 Angora (any type)                                   Himalayan

 Belgian Hare                                           Holland Lop

Californian                                              Jersey Wooly

Champagne D’Argent                               Lionhead

Checkered Giant                                     Mini Lop

Chinchilla (any type)                               Mini Rex

Creme D’Argent                                      Mini Satin

Dutch                                                    Netherland Dwarf

Dwarf Hotot                                           New Zealand

English Lop                                            Polish

English Spot                                          Rare/Non-Listed Recognized

Flemish Giant                                        Rex

Florida White                                         Silver Fox

Pet Rabbit Category

● Any entry that is a mixed breed rabbit or a purebred rabbit with faults or disqualiications such as inappropriate color, pattern, etc. that would prevent them from being entered in the Breeding category

Market Rabbit Category

● This category is for Youth 4-H and FFA members ONLY.

● All rabbits entered in this category are subject to sale at the auction..

● Any rabbit entered in this category must be from an approved market breed list.

● The following are rabbit breeds that are acceptable for market:

           ○ Californian

           ○ Champagne D’Argent ○ Chinchilla (American, Giant or Standard)

           ○ Creme D’Argent

           ○ New Zealand

           ○ Rare/Non-Listed Recognized Meat Breed Rabbit

           ○ Rex

           ○ Silver Fox


Rabbits - Breeding & Market

American Fuzzy Lop

1345 Youth Breeding      1346 Youth Market         1347 Open Breeding

Angora (any type)

1348 Youth Breeding      1349 Youth Market        1350 Open Breeding

Belgian Hare

1351 Youth Breeding       1352 Youth Market        1353 Open Breeding


1354 Youth Breeding        1355 Youth Market         1356 Open Breeding

Champagne D’Argent

1357 Youth Breeding        1358 Youth Market        1359 Open Breeding

Checkered Giant

1360 Youth Breeding       1361 Youth Market        1362 Open Breeding

 Chinchilla (any type)

1363 Youth Breeding        1364 Youth Market          1365 Open Breeding

Creme D’Argent

1366 Youth Breeding        1367 Youth Market        1368 Open Breeding


1369 Youth Breeding         1370 Youth Market          1371 Open Breeding

Dwarf Hot Tot

1372 Youth Breeding         1373 Youth Market           1374 Open Breeding

English Lop

1375 Youth Breeding        1376 Youth Market         1377 Open Breeding

English Spot

1378 Youth Breeding       1379 Youth Market         1380 Open Breeding

Flemish Giant

1381 Youth Breeding         1382 Youth Market           1383 Open Breeding

Florida White

1384 Youth Breeding          1385 Youth Market           1386 Open Breeding

French Lop

1387 Youth Breeding        1388 Youth Market           1389 Open Breeding


1390 Youth Breeding          1391 Youth Market         1392 Open Breeding

Holland Lop

1393 Youth Breeding          1394 Youth Market          1395 Open Breeding

Jersey Wooly

1396 Youth Breeding         1397 Youth Market           1398 Open Breeding


1399 Youth Breeding         1400 Youth Market           1401 Open Breeding

Mini Lop

1402 Youth Breeding           1403 Youth Market           1404 Open Breeding

Mini Rex

1405 Youth Breeding         1406 Youth Market           1407 Open Breeding

Mini Satin

1408 Youth Breeding         1409 Youth Market          1410 Open Breeding

Netherland Dwarf

1411 Youth Breeding          1412 Youth Market           1413 Open Breeding

New Zealand

1414 Youth Breeding          1415 Youth Market          1416 Open Breeding


1417 Youth Breeding        1418 Youth Market          1419 Open Breeding

Rare/Non-Listed Recognized

1420 Youth Breeding          1421 Youth Market            1422 Open Breeding


1423 Youth Breeding         1424 Youth Market           1425 Open Breeding 

Silver Fox

1426 Youth Breeding          1427 Youth Market           1428 Open Breeding

Pet Category

1430 Youth          1431 Open