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Fair Monday - Grandstand

6:00 pm – Warm up

7:00 pm – Races

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Robbie Limon Friday Night at 7:00 P.M.

Wicked Olde  Saturday Night at 7:00 P.M.


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2018 Frederick County Demolition Derbies
Friday Registration -5:30-7p.m. Derby starts @ 7:30p.m.

Fridays Derby will consist of the first annual figure 8 Derby followed by the 4 cylinder Derby (any left over cars from figure 8 may also participate in the derby if they choose.)

Saturday Registration –5-6:30p.m. Derby will start at 7p.m.

Saturdays Derby will consist of V6,V8 stock class followed by the V6, V8 OUTLAW class!!There WILL be an OUTLAW class Saturday night if your car does NOT meet the rule book you will be placed in the outlaw class!!
Contact Either Robert Bauserman @ 540 532 2632 or Nathan Leight @ 540 505 9815 (respectable hours please!)


Non Preparation rules:
 1. Each driver MUST complete an entry form including address and phone number.
2. Derby and Fair officials reserve the right to approve or reject any entry (car or driver)
3. Only drivers, owners, mechanics, those who sign the release sheet are permitted in the pit area.
4. Any stock hardtop car or station wagon is allowed. No trucks, convertibles, jeeps, hearses, limos, 4wd, AWD, or Chrysler Imeprials are allowed.
5. The Fair Association will NOT be held responsible for any cars, parts, or personal property during or after the Derby.
Preparation rules – both nights – see additional 4 cylinder rule
 1. Remove all glass including windshield, all back and side windows, marker and taillights.
2. All cars must have holes in hood for extinguisher nozzles – either 2 eight inch holes or 1 hole larger than air cleaner. Must have air cleaner. Air bags must be removed.
3. Radiator may be removed, but cannot be relocated. It may be banded for core support. NO Freon allowed.
4. Cars must remain stock height with no alteration of suspension including changing a coil spring to a leaf spring.
5. A four bar enclosure around the inside cab is mandatory. Two long bars –one behind seat, one across dash area, not to exceed forward of the firewall, and one across each door. It is also mandatory that a chain, strong wire, or strap be secured from the center of roof to center area of dash to stop hood from coming through front window opening.
6. ALL cages must be securely welded to sheet metal only. No frame attachments. Cages must stop at door post/support. Halo bars are allowed, but are not to be attached or touching the roof of the car.
7. Any reinforcements, including bars or cages, around engine or carburetor are illegal.
8. All doors must be fastened shut by straps or chains (at least 3/8ths diameter chain) or welded shut. If welded, no more than 6 inches of weld separated by 6 inches.
9. Chrome molding strips and the bottom portion of the rear seats must be removed. Deck lids must also be removed on station wagons. All fiberglass or plastic front header panels or skirting must be removed. Any sharp protruding items, such as fins, ALL BOLTS, and any dangerous items must be cut and mashed down.
10. Stock car bumpers only. Short piece of chain from bolts on bumper to bolt on frame may be used. Wiring bumpers on is also permitted. No special bumpers, reinforcements or trailer hitches permitted. Fenders and bumpers may be trimmed for clearance. Bumper mounts may not exceed 6” into frame.
11. One battery, any size, is allowed. If moved, it must be placed on the floorboard of the driver compartment, securely fastened and covered.
12. Front doors and roof must be painted white for numbering. Special numbers permitted, but must be large and readable. The rooftop sign for your car number is to be a minimum of 2’ by 2’ in size.
13. All cars must be swept clean – no glass or debris allowed in car.
14. No tires beyond eight ply allowed and must be D.O.T. approved. Light truck tires are allowed. No studs, fluids, foams or additives of any kind are allowed. Maximum height is 31 inches. No wheel weights allowed.
15. Factory firewalls must remain in place and not sectioned or removed. Fuel tanks must be removed and relocated to the trunk or driver compartment. If moved to driver compartment the fuel tank must be secured by bolts and straps and covered by metal firewall. No exposed rubber hoses in passenger compartment.
Additional Four Cylinder Rule
 1. TYPE OF CAR: Any front or rear wheel drive, 4 cylinder hardtop automobile or station wagon with a 108 inch or less wheel base. No diesel engines allowed. No full frame cars.
Safety and General Rules
 1. Safety belt, Z-90 approved helmet, goggles or face shield are mandatory.
2. Fire suit is recommended, but long pants and long sleeved shirt is required.
3. Inspections may be done at ANY time and inspectors must be able to see into the trunk and under the hood.
4. Inspections must be completed by 6:30PM (one half hour before event)
5. Any driver judged to have deliberately hit another car head on or in drivers’ door is disqualified for the evening and is not eligible for awards.
6. Any drinking of alcoholic beverages is an automatic disqualification with offenders removed from fairgrounds.
7. If any doors come open, driver is disqualified.
8. If a fire brings out the red flag, stopping the event, driver of that car is disqualified. Since this is not a conduct penalty, driver may be scored and be eligible for awards. Example: if driver is one of three cars remaining, he or she gets 3rd place, with derby restarted with final two cars to determine the winner.
9. Derby officials in tower, using stop watches, monitor the one minute limit for making contact with another car. Hits must be aggressive. Simple contact could be considered sandbagging, leading to disqualification.
10. All cars are to be removed from the fairgrounds by 10PM the night of the event or they become property of the Frederick County Fair Association and will be removed, unless noted at the drivers meeting. Titles of such cars must be turned in to fair officials.
11. Heats may be needed to determine the derby field. The number of cars in each heat depends on the number of qualified entries.
12. Officials’ decisions are final. Don’t argue. Violators or drivers disqualified for a conduct violation are subject to discipline in future derbies.
Rules subject to change according to the Frederick County Fair Derby officials.
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Monster Trucks

Fair Tuesday - Grandstand

7:30 P.M.



SAMSON                     TOXIC

Also:  Moto Cross Exhibition

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Fair Wednesday & Thursday – 7:00 p.m. – Grandstand