Educational Exhibits Print

Chairpersons:  Phyllis Frye, Darla Guevremont

An educational exhibit is an opportunity for an individual to tell the public about a particular project or theme of interest.  There should be two parts to the exhibit:  a “show” part and a “tell” part.  The “show” part includes the items that relate to the theme or project. The “tell” part is generally a poster(s) that tells about the theme or project.

Educational Exhibits may …

1. Teach facts and give information

2. Show a process, teach how to do something

3. Promote some phase of club work

A Good Exhibit has about 60 seconds to…

1. Arouse the interest of the viewer

2. Stimulate thought of the viewer

3. Inspire them to go and do the same

Special Rules 

1. Displays must be no more than 24 inches deep, 30 inches wide and 32 inches tall. Display booths will be available on a first-come basis.  Remaining exhibits may be placed on tables.

2. Exhibits must be free standing and constructed of a material heavier than poster board.

3. Educational exhibits will be judged on the following criteria:

A.  Educational value                     40%

B.  Interest and Originality             20%

C.  Appearance                              20%

D.  Quality of display materials     20%

DEPARTMENT – Rural Life, Wildlife or Natural Resources

(800)  Individual Entry

(801)  Club Entry

DEPARTMENT – Life In and Around Home

(802)  Individual Entry

(803)  Club Entry



DEPARTMENT – Science and/or Agriscience

(804)  Individual Entry

(805)  Club Entry

DEPARTMENT – Youth Exhibits/Scrapbooks

(806)  Club Entry

(807)  Club Scrapbook – under 25 members

(808)  Club Scrapbook – over 25 members

(809)  Youth Scrapbooks

(810)  Adult Scrapbook

DEPARTMENT – Travel and Lifestyle

(811)  Individual Entry

(812)  Club Entry

(813)  Vacation/Travel Scrapbook

(814)  Celebration Scrapbook

DEPARTMENT – Cloverbuds Exhibits

(815)  Individual Entry

(816)  Club Entry