Frederick County Fair Committees Print E-mail

Agriculture Division  Kim Black

Commercial Exhibits  Jennifer Carter

Demolition Derby Sam Calkins

Educational Exhibits  Phyllis Frye & Darla Guevremont

Entertainment  Richard Leight

Equine  Faye Strickler, Rose & Hannah McDonald

Finance  Scott Moulden

Float Float Committee

Garden Produce and Fruits  Kim Black

Gate Attendants  Scott Reed

Grounds and Arrangements  Richard Leight

Home Economics Division  Kristi Riggleman, Glenna Shifflett, Jennifer Shifflett

Market Beef  Kirk Clevenger 

Market Lambs  Kirk Clevenger

Market Hogs  Tim Pugh

Market Goats  Marietta Walls

Pet Show  Tammy Epperson

Poultry Exhibits  Scott Athey & Carolyn Athey

Rabbits   Brooke Sigler and Sandy Sumption

Reporter and Publicity  Mary Jane Leight

Registration  Valerie Wimer

Ride Ticket Sellers  Becky Moulden & Committee

Scholarship Pageant & Tiny Miss Pageant  Dawn McKee and McKenna Kendrick

Special Events  Joe Lizer

Jr. Miss, Pre-Teen & Little Miss Pageants  Stasia Morefield

Traffic Control Joe Lizer