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Registration – 9:00 am at the 4-H Shelter

Registration takes place upon arrival at the Pet Show starting at 9:00 AM


Show 9:30 am

Chairperson – Tammy Epperson

Ribbons Awarded


General Rules and Regulations

1. Open to all youth 5 to 15 years of age.

2. Pets must be under the control of the exhibitor at all times.

3. Pet may be on the Fairgrounds only during show time.

4. No livestock (cattle, horses, sheep, hogs, etc.) that can be shown in market, breeding or exhibition classes can be entered into the pet show.  Any animal already entered, as a fair exhibit cannot be removed from the pen and entered in the pet show.

5. Youth ages 5-8 cannot show:  cattle, goats, swine, horses, emus, llamas, sheep, ostrich or rheas.

6. Pets must be kept out of the exhibit areas except during their own classes.

7. No animals may be advertised for sale or given away.

8. Judges will consist of a two person team designated by the show chairperson.  No youth may participate if related to one or more of the judges.


Health Rules

In order to protect the health of exhibitors, audience and pets, the following rules will apply.

1. No kitten or puppy under 3 months of age will be allowed to enter.

2. Dogs must have veterinary certificates for distemper and parvo vaccinations.

3. Dogs must have rabies inoculation papers if 4 months of age or older.

4. Cats must have veterinary certificates for distemper vaccinations.

5. Cats must have rabies inoculations papers if 4 months of age or older.


For further information, contact the Frederick County Extension Service at 665-5699.

Best Costumed Pet & Owner             Pet w/Happiest Face               Dog w/Waggiest Tail

Pet w/Saddest Face                            Smallest Pet                            Biggest Pet

Most Colorful Pet                               Pet w/Curliest Tail                  Pet w/Shortest Hair

Pet w/Shortest Tail                              Pet w/Longest Tail                  Pet w/Shortest Ears

Dog w/Loudest Bark                          Pet w/ Longest Ears (not including hair/fur)

Most Unusual Pet