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The Frederick County 4-H Program is an Educational Division of Virginia Cooperative Extension.  Youth from ages 5 through 18 are provided opportunities to realize their full potential in many areas.  Activities involving citizenship, community service, leadership and achievement are stressed in the 4-H programs.  Youth ages 5-8 are eligible for membership in Cloverbuds, a non-competitive area of the organization.

Volunteer community leaders are the heart of 4-H as they work closely with Extension Agents to provide a well-rounded educational experience for youth.

There are 17 clubs in Frederick County involving over 250 youth and adult leaders.  Hundreds more are involved in several areas of school participation in Frederick County.  The community clubs meet in homes, churches, and community centers.  Contact the Frederick County Extension Office at 665-5699 for the club nearest you!

All Star/Honor Club                                                   Dennis Bagnell

Apples N’ Bits Horse & Service                                 Jean Marie Vogler

Apple Pie Ridge Cloverbud                                        Marietta Walls & Natalie Miller

Auto Mechanics                                                          Rose McDonald & Julie Shoemaker

Civil War Investigators                                               Bob Meadows

Eggs & Ears                                                                  Bridget Dinsmore & Susan Lewis

Eggs & Ears Cloverbud                                                Bridget & Joe Dinsmore

Golden Horseshoe                                                     Rose McDonald & Faye Strickler

Golden Paintbrush                                                      Cindy & Sonny Larrick

Golden Paintbrush Cloverbud                                    Cindy Larrick

Gore Spirits                                                                Aneta Swisher

Gore Cloverbud                                                         Aneta Swisher

Livestock Club                                                            Carol Lineweaver

Pine Hill                                                                      Jennifer Ridings

Pine Hill Cloverbud                                                    Jennifer Ridings

Round Hill                                                                  Susan Lynch

Shooting Education                                                     Julie Shoemaker & Harry Miller

Shooting Stars                                                            Amy Hakola

Soaring Arrows                                                           Amy Hakola

Frederick County Extension Personnel

Mark Sutphin                           Extension Agent, Ag

Rebecca Davis                          Extension Agent, FCS

Dyllan Chapins                        Associate Extension Agent, 4-H

Kimberly Costa                       Family Nutrition Program, Program Assistant

Marsha Wright                        Unit Administrative Assistant

Tammy Epperson                    4-H Technician

Jennifer Fost                            4-H Secretary/Receptionist


Cloverbud 4-H Members                       5-8 years old

Junior 4-H Members                           9-11 years old

Intermediate 4-H Members                 12-13 years old

Senior 4-H Members                          14-18 years old

For each of the above categories, youth must turn the entry age during the 4-H year, which is October 1 to September 30.  That is, youth who turn 5, 9, 12, and 14 between October 1 and September 30 of the current year may participate in these respective categories.

Eligibility for 4-H membership terminates on December 31 of the year the member has their 19th birthday.