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Chairperson: Kristi Riggleman
An educational exhibit is an opportunity for an individual to tell the public about a
particular project or theme of interest. There should be two parts to the exhibit:
a 'show' part and a 'tell' part. The 'show' part includes the items that relate to the
theme or project. The 'tell' part is generally a poster(s) that tells about the theme
or project.
Educational Exhibits may:
1. Teach facts and give information
2. Show a process, teach how to do something
3. Promote shome phase of club work
A Good Exhibit has about 60 seconds to:
1. Arouse the interest of the viewer
2. Stimulate thought of the viewer
3. Inspire them to go and do the same
Special Rules:
1 Displays must be no more than 24 inches deep, 30 inches wide and 32 inches tall.
Display booths will be available on a first-come basis. Remaining exhibits may be placed on tables or risers.
2 Exhibits must be free standing and constructed of a material heavier than poster board.
3 Educational exhibits will be judged on the following criteria:
A. Educational Value 40%
B. Interest and Originality 20%
C. Appearance 20%
D. Quality of Display Materials 20%
DEPARTMENT - Rural Life, WIldlife or Natural Resources
800 Individual Entry
801 Club Entry
DEPARTMENT - Life in and Around Home
802 Individual Entry
803 Club Entry
DEPARTMENT -Science and/or Agriscience
804 Individual Entry
805 Club Entry
DEPARTMENT - Youth Exhibits/Scrapbooks
806 Club Entry
807 Club Scrapbook - under 25 members
808 Club Scrapbook - over 25 members
809 Youth Scrapbook
810 Adult Scrapbook
DEPARTMENT - Travel and Lifestyle
811 Individual Entry
812 Club Entry
813 Vacation/Travel Scrapbook
814 Celebration Scrapbook
DEPARTMENT - Cloverbuds Exhibition
815 Individual Entry
816 Club Entry