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SHERANDO FFA CHAPTER                                  JAMES WOOD CHAPTER

Chrissy Whitacre                                                         Crystal Duvall

Liz Borst                                                                     Eric McLaughlin

Jeff Stout                                                                    Ginger Anderson

Ashlee Edwards


MILLBROOK FFA CHAPTER                                ROBERT E. AYLOR MIDDLE

John Borst                                                                   Kim Black

Katie Bethke                                                               Susan Harrison



W.R. Legge, FFA Chapter                             Samantha Stern

Kalla Anglin                                                    Tori Avvenire

Tori Avvenire


Kathy Ritenour

Susan Harrison

“FFA Members are at a definite advantage.

They possess the knowledge, skills and experiences they need to succeed.”

King Arthur Flour Contest Print E-mail

King Arthur Flour is looking for your best and most delicious recipe. Be sure and make them from scratch – no cake mixes for prepared frostings allowed. Creativity is strongly encouraged so get baking with King Arthur Flour and you could be the blue ribbon winner!

Adult Competition (Ages 20+)

Angel Food Cake (1/4 cake)

1st Place:   $30 gift certificate to the Baker’s Catalogue/ kingarthurflour.com

2nd Place:  King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion Cookbook

3rd Place:  King Arthur Flour Standard Bread Loaf Pan

All winners will receive a gorgeous ribbon


1.   Angel Food Cake must use King Arthur Flour and be made from scratch. No cake mixes or prepared frostings. Use ingredients that are readily available in grocery stores.

2.   Entrant must bring the opened bag of King Arthur Flour or submit a UPC label from the flour bag when entry is brought to the fair.

3.   Must provide a legible or typed recipe on and 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper with name, address, daytime and evening phone numbers and email address is available on the back. Recipes must be legible and include a phone number or entry will be disqualified.

4.   Directions for preparing the recipe must be clear, measurements should be in level cups, tablespoons, teaspoons or fractions thereof: also include pan size, cooking temperature, number of servings and any other pertinent information.

5.   Recipes will become property of King Arthur Flour, which reserves the right to edit, adapt, copyright, publish and use for publicity, promotion or advertising without compensation.

6.   Fair committee selects judges; judges’ decisions are final. Judging is based on the following criteria:

a. Flavor                                              50 points

b. Overall Appearance or Creativity   25 points

c. Texture                                            25 points

TOTAL                                                           100 points



Best Decorated Scare Crow Print E-mail

Best Decorated Scare Crow

Sponsored by Aylor FFA Chapter

Scare crows MUST be free standing and completely weather proof.  They will be displayed outside on the fairgrounds during fair week.  They may be attached to a fence.  Scare crows that are not picked up on Fair Sunday will be disposed of.  This event is only open to youth ages 5-19.

Suggestions for scare crows could include dressing in a theme, specific style, favorite sports team, schools colors…etc.


Dressed Scare Crow – youth/child sized


Dressed Scare Crow – adult sized


Dressed Scare Crow – Youth Organization Exhibit

e.g. FFA, 4-H, Girl/Boy Scouts


Best Decorated Mail Box Print E-mail

Best Decorated Mail Box

Sponsored by Aylor FFA Chapter

1. Mail box may be handmade or purchased.

2. Suggestions for decorated mailboxes could include a theme, specific style, favorite sports team, schools colors…etc.  Mailboxes that are not picked up on Fair Sunday will be disposed of.  This event is only open to youth ages 5-19.


Decorated Mailbox – store purchased mail box


Decorated Mailbox – handmade mailbox


Decorated Mailbox – Youth Organization Exhibit

e.g. FFA, 4-H, Girl/Boy Scouts



Foods Print E-mail


Chairperson – Tammy Epperson

Youth Chairperson – Bridget Dinsmore & Elizabeth Renner

Special Rules

1.      All entries must be labeled as to kind, wrapped in plastic bags furnished by the fair, except for decorated cakes and cupcakes.

2.      Exhibitor may place only one entry in each class.

3.      Commercial mixes or commercial pie fillings are not to be used in this section.

4.      All exhibits must be the work of the exhibitor.

5.      No meringue, custard or cream pies will be accepted.

6.      All iced cakes should be double layer except decorated cakes.  Other cakes should be baked in a tube pan.

7.      Loaf bread should be baked in a standard sized loaf pan.

Judging Criteria


 Uniform in size

Even brown

No off flavor of fat, soda, etc.

Texture fine grain – tender, soft or chewy

Breads, Rolls and Biscuits:

 Appearance, good taste

Golden color, texture light and tender

Pleasing taste

Frosting and Candy:

 Moist creamy consistency

Fine texture – free from crystals

Butter Cakes:

 Texture – tender, breaks easily, grain small & uniform

Light, moist and no soggy spots

Pleasing flavor , top lightly brown

Sponge Cakes:

 Appearance light brown w/ slightly rounded top

Texture – loose but tender and velvety, small grained and no doughines

Free from big holes and tunnels

Flowers Print E-mail

Chairpersons – Jean Sowers, Nancy Sowers, and Cindy Larrick

Special Rules

1. Potted plants must have been in the exhibitor’s possession at least 3 months.

2. Exhibitor may place only one entry in each class.

3. All specimens must be displayed in the bottle provided.

4. The pot will not be included in the measurement.

5. Specimen should have one flower showing good foliage.

6. No wreaths or door decorations.


Sewing/ Clothing Print E-mail


Chairperson - Nancy Pence

Special Rules

1. All clothing must be cleaned and pressed.

2. Garments must be brought in on hangers and may be in clear plastic bags, if exhibitor desires.

3. All exhibits must be the work of the exhibitor and not previously exhibited in the Fair.

4. Exhibitors may enter an exhibit in a class of a higher department but may not enter a class in a lower department.  Example:  An exhibitor who has 3 & 4 years sewing is classified as an intermediate, but if this exhibitor chooses to enter clothing articles in the Senior department, this same exhibitor may not enter garments in the Junior or Intermediate department.

5. Exhibit tags must be secured to clothing, it is recommended tags be “safety pinned” to garments.  Pins will be furnished by the Fair.

6. Please submit pattern envelope and guide sheet with garment.


Judging Criteria

- General appearance – clean and pressed

- Design and color, suitable material used for garment

- Workmanship considerations: stitching, trimmed edges, seams, facing, casing, elastic

- Hems, darts, collars, sleeves

- Closures – zippers, buttons, snaps


Creative Crafts Print E-mail

Special Rules for all Divisions

1. Exhibitor may place one entry only in each class.

2. All exhibits entered must not have been previously exhibited and must be the work of the exhibitor within the last year.

3. Exhibitors may enter an exhibit in a class of higher department but may not enter a class in a lower department.

4. Please fasten entry tag securely to your item.

All entries are to be placed on the risers by fair chairpersons

Judging Criteria

Handicrafts:  Design, Workmanship and Appearance

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