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Chairperson:  Joe Lizer


1. All contestants and visitors assume full responsibility for damages or loss to persons or property, from all and every clause whatsoever.  The Frederick County Fair Association incurs no liability or obligation at any time.

2. Contestants for each event will register 15 minutes prior to the event.

3. In case of a large number of entries, a limited number of participants will be drawn from a hat.

4. Events may be rescheduled or cancelled due to the weather.

5. All contestants will receive participation ribbons.

6. Contestants are not required to be residents of Frederick County or the City of Winchester.

7. All matters not covered by the instructions will be settled by the event chairperson.  All decisions of the judges are final.


Fair Thursday – 7:30 pm – South Lawn

Prizes:  $15.00 first prize                    $5.00 second prize

Ages:  15 and older

Portions will be weighed

Bibs and eating utensils will be provided

Contestants will be given 7 minutes in which to consume 4 pounds of apple pie ala mode

The fastest contestant will be the winner




Sheep sponsored by Dave Hite

Fair Saturday – 9:00 pm - Show Barn

$15.00 first prize

$  5.00 second prize

Children must weigh between 35 and 65 pounds to compete

Sheep will be provided

The child riding the sheep the longest time is the winner

Safety helmet will be provided

A limited number of contestants will be drawn from a hat 15 minutes prior to the contest.