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Any Frederick Co 4-H member planning to compete at the State 4-H Horse Show MUST compete at the Frederick Co Fair Horse Show!


Printable Frederick Co Fair Show Prize List

Printable Frederick County Fair Horse Show Entry Form


Frederick County Fair

 Open Horse Show

 Located  at

 Frederick County Fairgrounds

 Clear Brook, VA

 Saturday July 23, 2022

 Pre – Entry $10 per class or Show all day for $60

 (Per horse/rider combination)

 Day of show $12 per class or Show all day for $75


 All Pre-entries must be post marked by Monday, July 18th

 Jackpot classes $15.00(not included in the all-day fees)

 Classes start promptly at 9:00 a.m.

 rain or shine

 For More Information:

 Rose (540)877-4935

 Faye (540) 533-7029

 Hannah (540) 877-7756


 To be a class/show sponsor Contact Rose:


  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


CLASSES start promptly at 9:00 a.m.

 1. Western Showmanship - Beginner

 2. Western Showmanship – Junior

 3. Western Showmanship – Senior

 4. Western Showmanship - Open

 5. Gaited Showmanship - Open

 6. PWD Showmanship

 7. Hunter Showmanship - Beginner

 8. Hunter Showmanship – Junior

 9. Hunter Showmanship – Senior

 10. Hunter Showmanship - Open

 11. Lead line Equitation- Ages 8-under

 12. PWD Rider

 10 Minute Warm Up

 13. Hunter Under Saddle - Beginner (Walk/Trot)

 14. Hunter Under Saddle Walk/Trot - Open

 15. Hunter Under Saddle – Junior (Walk/Trot/Canter)

 16. Hunter Under Saddle – Senior (Walk/Trot/Canter)

 17. Hunter Under Saddle – Open (Walk/Trot/Canter)

 18. Hunt Seat Equitation – Beginner (Walk/Trot)

 19. Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot- Open

 20. Hunt Seat Equitation – Junior (Walk/Trot/Canter)

 21. Hunt Seat Equitation – Senior (Walk/Trot/Canter)

 22. Hunt Seat Equitation – Open (Walk/Trot/Canter)

 23. Hunter Go As You Please - Beginner

24. Hunter Go As You Please Walk/Trot - Open

25. Hunter Go As You Please- Junior

26. Hunter Go As You Please- Senior

27. Hunter Go As You Please -Open

28. Walk/Trot- Open JACKPOT

10 Minute Break

29. Gaited Pleasure Gait- Open

30. Gaited Equitation -Open

10 Minute Break

31. Western Pleasure - Beginner (Walk, Jog)

32. Western Pleasure Walk/Jog -Open

33. Western Pleasure – Junior (Walk/Jog/Lope)

34. Western Pleasure – Senior (Walk/Jog/Lope)

35.  Western Pleasure – Open (Walk/Jog/Lope)

36. Western Horsemanship – Beginner (Walk, Jog) 

37. Horsemanship Walk/Jog - Open

38. Western Horsemanship – Junior (Walk/Jog/Lope)

39.  Western Horsemanship – Senior (Walk/Jog/Lope)

40.  Western Horsemanship – Open (Walk/Jog/Lope)

41.  Go as You Please Western - Beginner

42.  Go as You Please Walk/Jog-Open

43. Go as You Please Western- Junior

44. Go as You Please Western- Senior

45. Go as You Please Western- Open

46. Walk/Jog –Open JACKPOT

47.  Western/Hunter Command – Open (show attire excused)

48. Ranch Pleasure –Open

49. Ranch Horsemanship- Open

50. Ranch Riding-Open

51.  Barrel Race – Open

52. Barrel Race- Open JACKPOT

53. Flag Race– Open

54. Poles- Open

55. Stakes Race- Open

56. Trail Class- Open (Trail Class will be judged following Showmanship & close by 2pm)

Jackpot Pay Out- 60% of entry fees paid out as 1st 40% 2nd 30% 3rd 20% 4th 10% (Must have at least 6 entries)

**To pre-register for the show, email form to Rose McDonald  at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or mail with check to:

Golden Horseshoe 4-H Club

Attn: Rose McDonald

1085 Collinsville Road

Cross Junction, VA 22625

All proceeds benefit the Golden Horseshoe 4-H Club!



1. Current Negative Coggins (within 12 months) must be presented upon entering the
Show grounds.
2.    Protective headgear must be worn when mounted. (18 & UNDER)
3.    Appropriate tack and attire are requested in all classes.
4.    The judge’s decision is final.
(for everyone’s safety)

6.    This is an Open Horse Show. Everyone is Welcome!


7.    Each participant must sign an equine waiver form.
8.    The show committee reserves the right to refuse any entry or to combine, change,
Divide and/or cancel any classes.
9.    Any returned checks will incur a $35.00 return check fee
10.   The Frederick County Fairgrounds will not be held responsible for injuries to
Horse’s, rider’s or spectators or for damage or theft of property.
11.    No bareback riding on grounds!
12.   A two-minute gate call will be enforced.
13.   Good sportsmanship and horsemanship will be enforced.
14.   No alcoholic beverages permitted.
15.   Ribbons to 6th place.
16.   The following definitions will apply:
Lead line:    8 years or under as of 9/30/2022
Beginner:    Rider showing in first or second year of showing
Junior:      9 – 13 years as of 9/30/2022
Senior:      14 – 19 years as of 9/30/2022
Open:      All Ages

DIRECTIONS  To get to the Frederick County Fairgrounds in Clear Brook, VA, just take I-81 to Exit 317 (Stephenson), go North onto U.S. Route 11 (Martinsburg Pike), and drive for about 2.7 miles. The fairground is on the left.

(250 Fairground Road Clear Brook, VA 22624)

DIVISIONS (High Points awarded in each Division)
Western (Beginner, Junior, Senior, Open): includes Showmanship, Pleasure, Go As You Please and Horsemanship
Hunter (Beginner, Junior, Senior, Open): includes Showmanship, Hunter under saddle, Go As You Please and equitation
Gaited (Open): includes Showmanship, Pleasure Gait and Equitation
Gymkhana (Open): includes barrels, poles, stakes and flags
Ranch (Open): includes Ranch Pleasure, Horsemanship, Ranch Riding
Walk/Jog Western (Open): includes Pleasure, Horsemanship and Go As You Please
Walk/Trot Hunter (Open): includes Pleasure, Equitation and Go As You Please